Upper Elementary

when a student reaches in 6th standard, his/her reasoning power start to develop. He/she starts to understand things. Language basics and basic Mathematics skills can be built in these classes. Like other classes activity based teaching methods will be used in these classes too.

A good communication is very important  in each aspect of life. A student must be efficient in speaking both languages i.e. Hindi and English fluently. An environment will be provided in school where students get habitual of speaking both languages.

Education in these classes is all about students experiencing the joy of problem solving, being creative, and developing their self confidence as learners to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Curiosity and reasoning are the attributes which drive a student to gain more and more knowledge. Awakening curiosity and reasoning ability of how and why of the natural events in our surrounding can inspire students for the deep knowledge of subjects in later classes.

At the SHIKSHAVID school, we strive to achieve excellence in teaching and provide joy of learning.


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